Heads, Tails, and Roast Quails

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David Petraeus may or may not referee your coin toss; photo via Wikimedia Commons.

What, you ask, could be more fun, more festive, more downright Mediterranean than a casual business lunch at Fancy Campo Fancy Westside Vareli? Well, how about the possibility of a free casual business lunch at Fancy Campo Fancy Westside Vareli?, along with the added adrenal thrill of a game of chance?

That’s what you’re getting with Vareli’s new coin flip lunch: when it comes time to pay, you flip a coin and call it in the air. If you’re right, lunch is on the house; if you’re wrong, you’re paying. The promotion (which, sadly, doesn’t include alcohol; we’re sure there’s a drinking game in there somewhere) starts today and runs through October 8th.

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  1. Milton Friedman  


  2. expected value  

    How poorly must Vareli be doing during the lunch service that they're willing to cut their prices essentially in half?

    • sage  

      wow what fucking great stats you have

      • Wrong.

        It's not cutting profits in half. If people who wouldn't have otherwise gone to Vareli for lunch visit the restaurant, then:

        a) they might get new customers, who will continue going to Vareli after the promotion.
        b) These customers, if optimistic, may order more than they would have otherwise.

        Notice that prices at Vareli for lunch are well above the average. Something tells me that even at 50% price, they'll be making a (small) margin.

  3. WTF  

    David Petraeus refereeing a coin toss is a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

  4. Anonymous  

    They just started doing lunch so its a promo--and it was GREAT. I ate the most divine burger for FREEEEEEEE

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