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Caitlin Lynch reports with highlights from this week’s SGA meeting. The SGA has a new website– look at it!

Correction, 9/29: The SGA, not the Alumni Association, is starting the initiative to reach out to students and alums in the Tri-State Area. That initiative is focusing solely on Thanksgiving, not Spring Break, for the moment. The students and alum will not be offering places to stay, just places to have a Thanksgiving meal.

  • The Alumni Association of Barnard College had its first meeting last week. The Alumni Board is considering starting an initiative to reach out to students and alums in the Tri-State area who would be willing give students who can’t afford to go home for holidays like Thanksgiving and Spring Break a place to stay (so they won’t have to be stuck on campus).
  • First-year election speeches are this Wednesday at 8:00 pm in the Diana Cafe– dinner will be served!
  • A Dining Services event will be organized so students can meet the Dining Services Staff.
  • The Greek Life Committee met again on Sunday, and they will be handing out a fact sheet and a questionnaire at the Town Hall to students.
  • There is a now “digital training lab” in Lehman Library. This also doubles as a teaching room, and is intended to be used for everything from Excel training to language skills. The lab has a NINJa printer, and can also be used as a computer lab during certain hours of the day.
  • A “Personal Librarian Program” was introduced: first-year students are now assigned a “personal librarian,” which is like a mini-librarian adviser. Librarians are also assigned to certain departments, so students who have declared a major can also consult with them about research databases, books available at Butler, questions regarding theses, and other important matters.
  • Barnard’s website is moving to a different content management system, so there will be a new website in January.

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  1. Anonymous  

    When's the Townhall?

  2. Anonymous  

    it's this coming monday, october 4th, in the diana event oval from 6:00pm.

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