“Because I’m Not Jaded Yet!”

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Fox News is buzzing about the edge of campus asking students if they’re voting, why they’re voting, and whether the youth are going to take a stand like they did in 2008. You know, since Columbia is representative of all youth.

No word yet as to which clichés will be used to skewer us on tonight’s segment.

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  1. Dartmouth BRO

    will it be innappropriate if I answered her interview questions and said I was a dartmouth student but am representative of the columbia student body?

    ...i mean, i AM banging a columbia student body you know...

  2. Anonymous  

    she is hot. Journalism school here i come.

  3. Oh no...  

    Is Glenn Beck coming next?

  4. That girl

    doesn't go to Columbia. She graduated from Georgetown, her name's Kaleigh.

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