Potential CC Class Day Speakers Announced

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Seniors just got an email with a lot of capital letters and Z’s instead of S’s (student council…it’s just like Bwog!)

Included in that email was a list of potential Class Day speakers. And here they are:

  • Richard Axel, Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist.
  • Marcus Brauchli, executive editor of the Washington Post; not as dashing as Bill Keller.
  • Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice.
  • Ric Burns, your and Eric Foner’s favorite PBS documentary producer, his daughter niece Lily graduated a few years ago.
  • Alexandra Wallace Creed, executive producer of NBC Nightly News, CC’88
  • Julius Genachowski, Chairman of Federal Communications Commission
  • Sen. Judd Gregg, Senator from New Hampshire
  • Pres. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia
  • Jodi Kantor,  New York Times journalist
  • Anne Kornblut, Washington Post journalist
  • Li Lu, Columbia alum and Chairman of Himalaya Capital Management
  • Terrence McNally, former Varsity Show writer, current playwright
  • Michael Mukasey, CC’63, 81st Attorney General of the United States
  • Anna Paquin, still on a leave of absence from Columbia after a year of college, that girl from True Blood
  • Elizabeth Rubin, New York Times journalist
  • Julia Stiles, former John Jay resident
  • Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent for PBS Newshour



  1. sookie  

    gets on my nerves

  2. Anonymous  


  3. Dartmouth BRO

    it would be HOT to see anna paquin eat out li lu with Julius Genachowski pouring the hot water.

  4. SEAS '11  

    I'm guessing this is for CC class day. I hope seas doesn't get an ultra lame guy like last year.

  5. Anonymous  

    Ric Burns is Lily's uncle. Her father is KEN Burns. While Ric got a producer credit on The Civil War, Ken is the real filmmaker. Also the link shoots you to the wrong bio.

  6. Ugh  

    these people are lame. Aren't Columbia students important enough to have someone decent speak? Why hasn't anyone inivted Sarah Palin yet?

  7. GS' 11

    Terrence McNally makes me wish I was in CC, not GS.

  8. So we're  

    Finally giving up on Obama?

  9. i want  

    stephen t. colbert.

  10. Anonymous  

    The president of Estonia graduated from CC?

  11. alum  

    Julia Stiles!! That's the only name most students would recognize. I really wanted Kenneth Cole my year. I prefer a famous celebrity over a renowned person.

  12. Dartmouth BRO


    disclosures: dartmouth bruh's got dibs on the situation instead.

  13. Aperture Science

    "Famous" speakers can be shallow and boring.

    My inner tech geek wants to see Julius.

    Pres. Ilves is a kind of eccentric dude. He tried to make a core-like xomponentpart of the national educational curriculum. Bwog, CCT did a cover story on him a few years ago:

  14. no!  

    Please don't pick Senator Gregg! I saw him speak recently, and he hinted that we should invade Iran and North Korea!

  15. Alum

    "Ric Burns, your and Eric Foner’s favorite PBS documentary producer, his niece Lily graduated a few years ago."

    More importantly, so did he. He was CC '78, and he got an M.A. a few years later.

  16. Anna Paquin... she can bring her hot hubby with her and we'll have something to look at while she's talking.

  17. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  

    or the Ethiopian PM.

  18. das racialist

    While I'm sure many Columbia students would be delighted with Palin, the rules strictly require the speaker to be a CC or at least CU affiliate. They also have to finance their own trip...Palin doesn't even like to finance her own wardrobe.

  19. Anonymous

    Ray Suarez! Newshour with Jim Lehrer for life, bitches.

  20. hmmm

    Some good choices and some bad ones. For good or for worse, by the way, I'll bet that Julia Stiles will be chosen one of these years... She just keeps appearing on these lists from year to year, and has progressively increased her profile in alumni circles.

  21. ...  

    every year, the list gets worse. can't we get warren buffett or someone?

  22. Why  

    This list is awful. We deserve far better.

    And its kind of ridiculous how they think that Hollywood actresses are valid class day speakers.

  23. CC '11  


  24. puzzling  

    i am always surprised about how entitled everyone gets when they start announcing class day candidates. everyone on this list is incredibly accomplished...some more than others, to be sure, but that is a pretty incredible list. you have a noble prize winner, american politicians who have been incredibly important, the fucking PRESIDENT of a country. even some of the lesser known names are pretty impressive...people like suarez have been in the business far longer than all of you have even been alive. and the backlash against ben jealous last year? what WAS that?

    who do you people think that you are?

  25. Anonymous  

    Richard Axel! Guaranteed to be the most epic class day speech ever.

  26. Terrence McNally  

    has won 4 tony's and an emmy for his writing. and his 4 tonys were all in the 90s meaning he recieved 20 percent of all of the writing recognition given by the tonys that entire decade.

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