Robbery Last Night

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Public Safety has just informed us that a student was robbed of her cell phone by two males last night at the Wien Gate. One of the suspects grabbed the student’s cell phone from behind, and as she struggled with him, she fell to the ground. The suspects then fled the scene to Morningside Park.

On September 29, 2010, at about 9:12 p.m. a student was the victim of a cell phone snatch on W. 116 St. at the Wien Gate.  The student was followed by two males shown below, who accosted her from behind, and grabbed her cell phone as she was entering the Wien Gate.  The victim struggled with one of the suspects and fell to the ground.  The suspects fled towards Morningside Drive, and then into Morningside Park.

If the above subjects are observed around Columbia University please contact Public Safety immediately at 212-854-5555 and or 911. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Detective Signoretti, 26th Precinct Detective Squad at 212-678-1352 or the undersigned.

Please remember to be aware of your surroundings as you walk through the neighborhood and be especially careful when using electronic devices in public.

Ken Finnegan, Director of Investigations & Technology Projects
Columbia University, Department of Public Safety
September 30, 2010

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  1. um....  

    Shouldn't this be classified as "Robbery" rather than "Attempted Robbery?"

  2. NRA  

    you know what would have solved this problem? guns.

  3. PS Failure  

    Isn't there a Public Safety guard booth at Morningside at 116th?

    • Anonymous

      Hey, those two black guys way over there sure look suspicious, even though at this moment they're not doing anything criminal and are indistinguishable from your ordinary random person around here.

      Oh shit, they're doing something malicious! I gotta run over there and stop the attack! But first, I've gotta run across this busy street, then an additional 200 feet! But I'm sure I can get there in plenty of time and catch those punks!

      Damn it, I didn't count on the punks high-tailing it to the park! And boy, I'm tired. I don't do much running... oh well, might as well take the victim's statement and clal for backup.

      Guard booths are only deterrents, not magical crime-eliminators.

  4. Fedex that sh..  

    Is one of them trying to yank a FedEx dropbox from the ground? WOW. I dont even know what to say to that.


    holy shit that dude was in my econ class!

    • econ major alum (not in finance)

      I got to go to Columbia thanks mostly the generosity of people who work in finance and I'm sick of people bashing an industry they don't understand because it happens to be the scapegoat of this particular political atmosphere & economy

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