Bwoglines: Rain Ruins Everything Edition

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A former St Johns’ dean takes the term “scholarship” to a whole new level. Dean Shollenberger would never enslave us…right? (Gothamist)

Don't forget your umbrellas today!

This rain is some serious business. Good luck leaving your rooms, let alone the bubble, this weekend. (City Room)

The Spec editorial board thinks you’re a bit of a pig. (Spec)

Seniors, take note. The good people of the employer branding firm Universum voted, and here are the companies they think you should want to hire you. (HuffPo)

First, it was Hawkmadinejad. Then, it was Batenawi. Now, Justin Beaver?  (NY Daily News)

Photo from flickr/Ed Yourdon



  1. Bookstore  

    Have you commented on the fact that the bookstore has been flooded?

  2. CC13  

    Is anyone else disappointed that the mob of drunken Jewish people on the Low steps last night didn't get a Bwog shout out?

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