Oh Hey, Princeton

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It's rumored that they all looked like this.

Princeton’s marching band wended through campus this morning, terrorizing students with upbeat marching band tunes. Quelle horreur! The orange-clad individuals have committed such crazed acts in the past. The visit may or may not have been related to the Columbia-Princeton football game today at 12:30 p.m. on Robert. K. Kraft Field.


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  1. Escapee

    Oh the hilarity. This weekend should have been homecoming (first ivy league home game.) For reasons that I don't quite understand (probably having something to do with the fact that homecoming is always Penn or Princeton because the Ivy schedule is pretty much set in stone and we haven't won at homecoming in many many years) homecoming was moved to a later date.

    So naturally Columbia is crushing Princeton 35-14 near the end of the 3rd Quarter in Not-Homecoming. Oh Columbia...

    • Alum

      What makes you think the first home Ivy game is supposed to be homecoming? That may happen occasionally, but when it does it is just coincidence. For many years Columbia opened each season against Harvard, but I don't think we ever made it the homecoming game.

  2. Anonymous  


    I would have gone, but it was too early. How can someone successfully tailgate a football game when it starts before 5pm?

  3. Anonymous


    Columbia wins.

    Princeton Band fails.

  4. Anonymous  

    Columbia didn't just win. They slaughtered.

  5. Anonymous  

    what if we all got behind the team this year and cheered the fuck out of our home games? Then football might become something of a tradition.

  6. i like how  

    more people got excited about USNWR rankings than they did about beating pton at the ivy league home opener

  7. so proud  

    of the football team! congrats!

  8. Anonymous  

    Roar lion roar muthafucker

  9. Ecstatic Lion

    Congrats to the football team - this is a big win - only time we have beaten Princeton two times in a row! Great overall effort!

  10. Indignant hoary alum

    Why are you students letting these intruders march around the grounds of our alma mater anyway?

    Do as the cadets did at the Citadel lately, and our Lions Football team - and treat them harshly.

  11. @indignant hoary alum

    when i look for a school to model, i always look to the fine folks at the citadel!

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