Animals Aplenty

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Drawn from the street by the welcoming sound of accordion music, Bwog stumbled upon the celebration of the Feast of Saint Francis and Blessing of Animals at St. John the Divine.

Pigs, goats, dogs, and more than a few types of birds were on hand for the festivities, along with Amsterdam Ave’s native squirrels and pigeons and a handful of adults doing the hokey pokey in animal costumes. (Bwog’s favorite was the beagle in the bowler hat and plaid pants.)

Said one girl, “They’re scary animals.”

Photos by Jon Hill, Grant D’Avino

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  1. Starting them young  

    Given the awkward angle between the little girl's head and her chaperone's hands, who else thinks it looks like she's doing a bong hit?

  2. Anonymous  

    This is disturbing...

  3. Anonymous  

    It's like the I am the Walrus video but scarier

  4. Anonymous  

    you totally missed the camel & yak that were there earlier! (they took some of the animals INTO the church at ~1230)

  5. Dentists and Llamas

    ..that llama needs a dentist. Columbia dental school, where are you when we need you?

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