Fire Alarm in Butler

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Don’t go to Butler, not like you were planning on it anyway! Four firefighters wielding firefighter-axes just walked into Butler. Everyone else is outside, huddled under umbrellas, complaining about their Art Hum papers. Don’t go to Lerner either, because it’s packed now. If you’re here already: there are free dinner rolls and some casserole-looking thing by the security desk.



  1. on the 6th floor right now

    ...and no one's stopping me! mwahahaha

  2. weezy?

    as in George Jefferson's wife? Weezy?

  3. CC'14

    *raises one eyebrow and a Mike's Hard slyly*

  4. Dude with a "midterm" tomorrow  

    Bwog's ability to find free food is best described by which of the following?

    a) eerie
    b) bringing people to my group meeting that have absolutely no interest in my group
    c) creepy, like that guy that you run into before every class and he blatantly stares at your chest the entire time. Like he exists just to bring that dimension to your life. Except Bwog brings that dimension of constantly breaking dietary restrictions.
    e) Godly. They know where all foodstuffs in and around Columbia's campus are at all time, through their divine om-nom-nomiscience ability. Also I just realized Godly is an adjective that ends in "ly"

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