MoWi Decked Out for Halloween

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All Hallows’ Eve approaches! Morton Williams displays their Halloween cheer with fall foliage, cotton cobwebs and toy tricker-treaters. Those guys are seriously styled, by the way. Love the bow-ties.

But don’t worry, Morningside decorations aren’t all this wholesome. In the coming weeks, get ready for trampy vampires, naughty nurses and totally unnecessary thigh highs. If Mean Girls taught us anything, it’s that Halloween is just an excuse for showing cleavage.

Pop quiz: name the tag quote!

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  1. Anonymous

    3 witches, BethMac!!!

  2. fuck


    you guys should be covering the absolutely monumental importance of the town hall tonight at barnard on funding for greek life.

    ...10% of barnard students take part in sororities, and the funding for these organizations falls entirely onto CCSC and ESC!

    barnard stage 2 recognition for greek life affects more than just barnard students.

    it doesn't matter your opinion of people IN greek life, but don't you think that every club/group/organization on campus should be able to receive funding? would you deny funding to the chinese students association just because you're not chinese? what about the ski team if you don't like winter sports?

    help out your fellow students in doing what they love!

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Thanks for writing, and we completely understand its importance. We'll have coverage of the event tonight and some background for readers later in the day. We know how important this issue is for the Barnard Greek Life community and Barnard in general, and we're doing everything we can not to skimp on covering it.

  3. Mooooooo!

    It sounds like someone is torturing a cow in that video.

  4. MoWi?  

    Everyone knows the approved acronym is "MoWo".

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