BSchool Thanks Kravis; Dean Hubbard On Manhattanville: “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

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This morning, lots of BSchool students and administration wearing exclusively charcoal gray and black suits gathered on 126th and Adam Clayton Powell to thank Henry Kravis for donating a whopping $100 million to the BSchool’s new Manhattanville campus. The gift is the largest in the BSchool’s history.

BSchool-folk ate danishes and, today in silly cookies, Columbia Business School cookies. One MBA candidate made a confession to another over coffee: “so, I saw the Social Network.”

BSchool Dean Glenn Hubbard thanked PrezBo for his work on Manhattanville, noting that “Manhattanville is the brainchild of President Bollinger.” PrezBo wore a Columbia blue tie. “Only once in a century do we have  the chance to create a new campus,” he told the crowd. “We will not build another Morningside campus.”

When the dapper Sir Kravis took the stage, he spoke about the importance of giving back to the community. Kravis said he believed the Manhattanville campus will give Harlem a “second renaissance.” Hubbard described Kravis as the “Roger Clemens of industry” since “he was a winner when he was 20 and he’s a winner now.”

Hubbard finished off by telling the crowd that the BSchool complex in Manhattanville “is not about bricks and it’s not about mortar, it’s about people and ideas.” Then he told an anecdote about a taxi ride he took in Washington D.C with a Japanese businessman. The moral of the story was that “we wain’t seen nothing yet in Manhattanville.”


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  1. Anonymous  

    "Give Harlem a second Renaissance?" what a fucking arrogant son of a bitch. What an insult to the literary and artistic achievements of that era to connect it to a fucking business school.

    • Anonymous  

      lawl.... of course, business school=capitalism=greed!

      • anonymous

        well, it means displacing a lot of economically vulnerable people, and taking advantage of the fact that Harlem is cheap property because it was systematically red-lined by racist banks for 50 years....

        • Anonymous  

          so let them be economically vulnerable somewhere else. just because they may have been discriminated against in the past isn't an excuse for the neighborhood to remain poor and undesirable. upper manhattan becoming gentrified is inevitable and columbia is only hastening the process and making it a decent place to live for everyone else.

          • Anonymous  

            You're a classist dumbass. Just because you're rich and other people are poor shouldn't give you a right to kick them out of their homes. Fuck you.

          • Anonymous

            well, if we're into anonymously generalizing about ppl we don't even know, then you're idealistic fool who can only see things in black and white. not that i endorse the sentiment of the comment above you, but really, it seems that you're the same thing...just the opposite end of the spectrum.

          • Anonymous  

            Just because you "take the middle road" or "see both sides" doesn't make you wise or correct. If some actions aren't "right" and others "wrong," at least compared to other actions, then there is no such thing as a morality associated with an action. That'snot a world I want to live in

          • CC alum/SIPA student  

            Basically, you're an idealistic fool. I can't wait to see the look on your face when your ass gets kicked by the real world.

          • Anonymous  

            I can't wait to see your face when your SIPA degree translates into a shitty job, if one at all.

          • CC alum/SIPA student  

            ...I also have an MBA. I'm picking up the MIA for free on company sponsorship. Try again, idealistic dumbass.

          • someone is a little insecure.  

            trying to pick up a degree on company sponsorship? the biggest cost to professional degrees is the opportunity cost of lost earnings, either you weren't making much or your company sent you on a wild goose chase to avoid paying you.

            in any case, it seems like your CC degree or your MBA (probably from some joker state school program not named haas, ross, or darden) didn't come with a fundamental grasp of opportunity cost.

            enjoy your time at glorified community college.

  2. Anonymous  

    *"we ain't" not "we wain't"

  3. Anonymous  

    Hubbard described Kravis as the “Roger Clemens of industry”

    not the best sports reference. So Henry Kravis went on trial, lied about taking steroids and stabbed multiple fan bases in the back by leaving for division rivals?

    • err

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

      Also, Bwog, subpar reporting. Kravis is an alum (MBA '69) and a founding partner of the famous private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), better known as the dudes that launched a hostile takeover bid of RJR Nabisco immortalized in "Barbarians at the Gate" - a book and then HBO movie. Ask one of your investment banker-to-be friends. They've probably read it in between Liar's Poker and Monkey Business.

  4. Anonymous  

    "he told an anecdote about a taxi ride he took in Washington D.C with a Japanese businessman"

    Thomas Friedman was there?

  5. Anonymous

    That cookie photo totally looks like a condom.

  6. Anonymous

    Why were they at 126th and Adam Clayton Powell? Why weren't they at their new building site instead? Afraid of protests or something?

    • CC alum/SIPA student  

      I'm guessing because the new site is a muddy construction side, and 126th/Powell is an event space?

      • Anonymous

        So how about in front of Uris? Or the West Harlem Piers? Or that gas station we're about to steal?

        • CC alum/SIPA student  

          They're all outdoors. It was raining.

          Also, theft is the unlawful removal of property without compensation. Since, we are acquiring the gas station under provisions of eminent domain as interpreted by the New York State Court of Appeals, it can't be, by definition, "unlawful". Also, since we are paying "just compensation" as per Fifth Amendment, it can't be "theft" precludes compensation. Your emotion-laden, factually inaccurate, absurdly charged statement is full of holes.

          • Anonymous

            Okay, fine. That gas station we're acquiring from the State of New York, after said state used eminent domain to obtain the gas station, on the basis of a blight report written with an organization with professional ties to Columbia.

          • CC alum/SIPA student  

            *sigh* At least we're making some progress.

            Do you really think you're all that and a bag of chips for *gasp* discovering that the organization once did contract work for Columbia? Do you really think that consultancy would be dumb enough to think that it would escape the notice of everyone? Do you really think they wouldn't think that to handle the perceived conflict of interest, they'd have to be incredibly stringent on their internal controls and Chinese walls? Honestly?

            Have you actually worked for a professional services company before, eg. investment bank, consultancy, accountancy, law firm, etc.? Do you have any idea what internal controls are like in this era? What you're playing up to be a "smoking gun" simply isn't -- no one's trying to hide anything. If they were, do you think you'd have found out so easily?

          • Anonymous  

            what do you get out of flaming everyone on Bwog? A tiny, little bit of self-respect? You disgust me.

          • CC alum/SIPA student  

            Wait, 1) you accuse me of flaming everyone on Bwog, and yet 2) according to the "Track" feature, you're responsible for such calm, sensible discourse as:

            "what a fucking arrogant son of a bitch."

            "You’re a classist dumbass... Fuck you"

            "I can’t wait to see your face when your SIPA degree translates into a shitty job, if one at all."

            Do you really not see the hypocrisy here? Or are you actually that full of yourself?

          • Anonymous  

            you just confirm my suspicions by continuing to respond

          • CC alum/SIPA student  

            That lame attempt at a comeback was a good effort at chutzpah, but ultimately made no sense.

          • arparp

            It's pretty amazing to see someone complain about flaming when her/his rhetorical toolbox consists entirely of "fuck you" and "son of a bitch." I love this place.

  7. alum  

    report on the big vagelos gift to med school pleez

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