Bwoglines: Uncomfortable Politicians

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  • Another college ranking! CU ranks #2 on Forbes’ list (of America’s Most Expensive Colleges)! Cause for celebration? You decide! (Forbes)
  • Wireless carriers have formed a deal with the city to bring cell phone service to the subway, maybe. (NYT)
  • The enterprising performer known as the Naked Cowboy, a.k.a. Robert John Burck, is expected to announce his 2012 presidential bid at noon today. We’re not joking. (NYP)
  • Former Governor Eliot Spitzer’s debut on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer” last night was only slightly less awkward than his sex scandal, the Times writes. (NYT)

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  1. Of course  

    Other countries will love us even more than when we elected Obama, since every foreigner in NYC in the past 5 years has taken a picture with him.

  2. ...  

    i am really tired of these lazy internet journalists and their college rankings. i swear this is the third "most expensive colleges" ranking i've seen this year and it seems that pretty much every media outlet with an internet presence and bored interns is recycling data from the common data set, slapping some stock photos on it and shipping it.

    it's no secret that the difference between net cost and sticker price in the world of college is massive. sure, the schools don't want to release this data... but it's really just utter and complete fucking laziness for journalists to sweep it under the rug by printing whatever noninformative stats they can get their hands on.

    the metric is quite simple... on average, how much school certified debt is accrued by student and family over the life of a degree?

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