1. Anonymous

    Ah, Greek life giving back to the community...

    Please direct all noise complaints to:
    The NYPD - 26th Precinct
    520 West 126th Street
    (212) 678-1311

  2. Surfin' UWS  

    I can't be the only one who sees something vaguely homoerotic about a bunch of guys, parading down Broadway arm-in-arm demanding for the world to acknowledge and therefore accept their special bond.

  3. Anonymous

    I am a Columbia student and I am a member of ALPHA OMEGA CHI CHI LAMBDA UPSILON BETA BETA. I support my Barnard sisters!

  4. Movie  

    is Anchorman, Brick yelling "LOUD NOISES!" Chea.

  5. ummm...  

    i hate frat boys and sorority girls

  6. Brick  


  7. screaming outside  

    I thought we were protesting K-nets raising prices..

  8. @surfin'uws  

    Most therapists would argue that the only reason you make that connection is because of your inner struggle with your own sexuality. Regular people would just take it as it is and laugh at a bunch of ridiculous looking college students. If you're looking to be the \cool\ guy on campus, bravo. You have succeeded on voicing your opinion on how fraternities are gay and you are that much cooler for doing so. That \special bond\ that you speak of is the thing that you missed out on in high school when most kids decided to be a part of something bigger than themselves and actually realized their own potentials, while you sat at home wondering what type of shisha you were going to smoke that friday night in your parent's basement.

    • Anonymous  

      blah blah blah

    • what are you talking about?  

      There is at least a small degree of homoeroticism in all genuine male friendships.

    • swu'nifrus@  

      shisha therapists succeeded to be potentials. That you sat. bravo would actually bunch. the Most argue sexuality \cool\ while fraternities reason with that struggle. the Regular guy friday voicing only something bigger. You. you own basement campus connection that is because of your cooler inner gay people part. how your would looking just take \special bond\ as laugh. it is your most ridiculous wondering thing and night at a high of college smoke. speak out students. and If you’re decided that you is of the looking to be realized than at home, on what type of you themselves on your parent’s make of. have it on opinion you are on kids and are that much their own for doing so. were going in to school when that missed you in a that.

  9. Anonymous  

    blah blah blah.. you had nothing better to say. burned.
    everyone at this school needs to take that large stick that's up their asses out and lighten up a little.

    • Anonymous  

      for the record, i'm siding with the person who's supporting the frats, not the dude hating on them. the dude hating is the one who should take the stick out of his ass.

  10. Anonymous  

    people involved in greek life would be more well respected if they didnt do dumb shit all the time.

  11. please  

    stop writing about all things greek. Please.

  12. but really  

    the feelings against greek life didn't come out of nowhere. to pretend that students who have negative feelings about greek life are simply uninformed misses the point a little.

  13. sorry  

    greek life is the center of the universe.

  14. Anonymous  

    One of the guys grabbed my book and threw it like a grenade across the room as they were storming the library like Normandy.

  15. Can't you all just enjoy the scene?

    Should we all hate the band for hosting Orgo night when they play music through the library and disturb people's studies the night before exams start? or How about the jews during simchat torah when they all dance around the torah and dance on the steps at night disturbing people in the quad?

    We live on a college campus. Many organizations have loud rituals that may interfere with a little bit of people's lives. Isnt that the fun of college?

    Lighten up a bit! Have fun with it! No need to hate.

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