SGA: Alumni Want to Make Sure You’re Fed

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Bwog’s SGA correspondent Raphaelle Debenedetti was there, and she writes with tales of alumni and free food.

  • The meeting began with some bragging: according to US News reports, Barnard’s rank has risen from the 30th to 26th liberal arts college in the country, and is the 17th most desirable urban campus (that means there are 16 urban campuses better than Morningside?) according to Newsweek.
  • SGA is exploring different ways to advertise office hours—it’s postertime!
  • Enrin Fredrick and M.A. Moutoussis from Alumanae Affairs spoke at the meeting, reminding attendees that there are 13,000 Barnard alumnae in New York, and SGA wants you to take advantage of it. Barnard Seniors can log on http://alum.barnard.edu to interact more with Alumnae. Some upcoming alumnae events include:
  • On October 20th there will be a “Mind Your Own Business” meeting from 6:30 to 8:00. Three Barnard Young Alumnae will speak about how they started their own businesses.
  • Homecoming is October 23rd and the first 200 students to go to Alumnae Association’s tent outside of the stadium will receive “awesome gifts” (!) starting 11:30 AM. Homecoming Prep will take place on the South Lawn from 4:00 to 6:00 with free food.
  • The Basketball Mania will start at 21:00, November 4th and give the opportunity to support Columbia’s women’s and men’s basketball teams for the beginning of their season.

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  1. Anonymous  

    "Homecoming Prep" - uh...what?

  2. CC'11  

    There has been way too much Barnard coverage lately on Bwog, which is pretty boring to most other readers.

    • Tasteless joker

      If it bleeds, it leads.

    • ummm

      say what you will about barnard, but it's funny how the most-commented posts on bwog somehow always seem to be about barnard. people like controversial things, and people like legitimately entertaining things (of which this post is a bad example, but the rest of the recent ones you're referring to are not). it's almost like columbia is so boring that without your neighbors across the street, you'd have nothing to talk about. oh wait...you wouldn't. stop being such an elitist prick and recognize that--for better or for worse--barnard girls are just more fun to talk about than you are. maybe it's because our SAT scores are so low, maybe it's because we're all boy-crazy backdooring airheads, but at least we're not bored, boring losers.

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