QuickTix: Once Again

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Today is an alternating Wednesday. So welcome back to QuickTix! Remember the TIC? Remember that you said you wanted to see New York?

Tickets sold for on campus events this week: 990

On campus events on sale now:

  • 7th Annual Guria Benefit: October 9th @ 6:30pm, Roone, $10, Tickets.
  • The Physicists: October 21st @ 3pm and 8pm and October 23rd @ 8pm, Minor Latham Playhous, $5 with CUID, Tickets.
  • Afropolitan: October 9th @ 10pm and October 10th @8 pm, Lerner Party Space/Roone, $10 with CUID,  Tickets.

Tickets sold for off campus events this week: 880

Off campus events on sale now:

  • Fall for Dance Prgr 4: October 6th @8pm, $13, Tickets.
  • Fall for Dance Prgr 5: October 8th @ 8pm, $13, Tickets.
  • Sankai Juku: October 9th @ 8pm, $36, Tickets.
  • Contes d’Hoffman, Les: October 12th @ 8pm, $29, Tickets.
  • Fela!: October 14th @ 8pm, $33, Tickets!
  • Scottsboro Boys: October 21st @ 6pm, $32.5, Tickets.
  • Wicked: October 27th @ 8pm, $58, Tickets.

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  1. 2007 burma relevance?  

    Why are a lot of these "Tickets" links going to a Burma 2007 Bwog post?

    Where's my real Fela link??

  2. GURIA  

    GURIA GURIA soooo excited!!!!

  3. OMG

    injun foodz and ethnic moozic @ guria

  4. Harry Potter  

    Like half of those were for Potterpalooza - next weekend whoo!!!

  5. Music Nazi

    Hey Bwog, learn how to format opera titles:

    Les contes d'Hoffmann

    Only the first word of the title and any proper nouns are capitalized. Articles count as the first word of a title.

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