Bwoglines: Haters Edition

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Not everyone appreciates Kravis’ $100 million donation to the B-School…like bitter journalists and starving babies in Africa. (Gawker)

The New Haven police are crazy! Their riot-appropriate raiding methods are a tad harsh for a Yale off-campus party. (NYT)

James Franco. In drag. Need we say more? (TVGuide)

Though the 1 train has failed us many a time, as far as train lines go, it isn’t too shabby. You’ll be please to learn that the numero uno has been ranked the 3rd best of 21 lines, and performs better than average in terms of frequency, regularity, and cleanliness. Here’s how they know. (Straphangers)

Mark Zuckerberg offers new ways to let us all share family-inappropriate pictures. (Gawker)

Columbia’s causing quite a stir up on 218th street, where a less-than-happy crowd gathered to learn about and oppose the proposed Baker Athletics Complex. (Spec)

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  1. re: Franco in drag  

    I'd still hit it.

  2. In response to the Kravis thing  

    I'm no big fan of the B-school, but it's Kravis's money. He could have spent it on a big ass house, but instead he's giving other people opportunities.

  3. heat  

    why do not we have heat!!!!!!!!!! this is not ok. barnard already has it.

  4. Anonymous

    James Franco is actually pretty hot as a tranny. I'd tap that..

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