Bwoglines: The MTA Blows, but We’ve Still Got Technology

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It sucks, but we all knew it was coming. The MTA continues to ruin your life and has officially raised subway fares to $2.50/single ride. (City Room)

These are old computers.

Columbians know how to use the interwebz. Who knew? (The Eye)

If see more law enforcement agents on your subway commute today, don’t be alarmed. An Operation Railsafe surge will be held today. (Gothamist)

A cell phone saved a man from a speeding bullet in Harlem. Never underestimate the power of your cellular device. (Switched)

A Duke student’s “sex thesis” goes viral. Friends, let this be a lesson in internet safety! (Jezebel)

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Update: Columbia University has new Nobel Laureates! Liu Xiaobo, who won the Nobel Peace Prize today for his struggle for human rights in China, was a visiting fellow at Columbia in 1989 until he left to join the Tiananmen Square protests. PeruvianĀ Mario Vargas Llosa, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, was also a visiting professor at Columbia.

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  1. Anonymous

    The $2.50 MTA fare is only for single ride tickets. Rides are still $2.25 each when you buy a regular metrocard (though there is a $1 fee for new metrocard). Anyway the largest burden is on the monthly riders who will have to spend $15 more per month.

  2. Anonymous  

    Why is the Columbia frontpage not updated with the Nobel winners news?

    • because  

      I don't think visiting professors/fellows actually count. Just because a professor from Princeton decides to teach/research at Columbia for a year doesn't mean Columbia can claim that person another Columbia noble prize winner.

  3. Anonymous

    Being a "visiting" fellow for less than a year counts?

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