Bwoglines: Life’s Rough Edition

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Two teenagers and one 30-year old man are attacked for being gay in the Bronx. (NYT)

Life's ruff.

The next “Harry Potter” film won’t be in 3D. Everyone is sad. (Hollywood Reporter)

Oil exploration in the Gulf can be seen as an echo of the current financial crisis. Who would’ve thought? (WSJ)

A drill finally reaches Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 66 days. (NYPost)

The MTA continues to make life suck–the 2nd Ave subway accidentally cuts off gas to UES apartments. (Gothamist)

Update: Alex Gross, CC’11, talks to the WSJ about being a student athlete at Columbia.

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  1. copy edit  

    accidentally cuts *off gas

  2. anonymous  

    someone needs to do something about these anti-gay crimes. this is sickening.

  3. Thank you  

    Bwog for posting the article regarding the gay bias attack and raising awareness about the inequality that still exists beyond the Columbia gates. These attacks are despicable. I would not even wish them upon my worst enemy. Now is the time for the Columbia community to take a stand against such hatred!

  4. '09

    WSJ piece was actually written by a CC '08 grad and photos were taken by a CC '09 grad...

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