1. East Campus  

    I ran into a non-EC security guard in HamDel at about 12:10, who told me a fight had broken out at EC and was glad he had nothing to do with it.


  2. Anonymous  

    they're waking up the entire campus

  3. Club EC  

    I know you ain't gettin' in with those shoes.

  4. 112  

    A fight just broke out on 112th. CAVA, NYFD were called.

  5. disgruntled senior  

    Its fucking ridiculous if you live in EC, have to wait in line for an hour to get into your own dorm, and then can't get in at all, because you have a visitor staying with you, who they won't let you sign in.

    Its also ridiculous to have to sit in SIPA for an hour after a fire alarm so they can search every single suite for people who stayed in. Seriously?

  6. Anonymous  

    This reaffirms my decision to live in Hogan this year rather than EC.

  7. off campus

    is definitely the way to go.

  8. Harmony Hunter

    best housing:

    1. john jack
    2. harmony
    3. carmen
    4. claremount
    5. sipa
    6. hartley
    7. carmane

  9. some updates...  

    i don't think they checked all the rooms, alarm was pulled on the 6th floor by a student (??), after we had guessed public safety pulled it to empty it out (the CA said that they would never do that because they live here too), it was pretty bad/riot/pushing/shoving/dangerous... lots of people very not happy.

    Most unhappy, wasn't that even if you did live in EC, but didn't have your ID with you, they were hassling you and giving you shit. Haven't they told us since we were 5 yrs old to just get out? Sometimes we don't grab ids, but that doesn't mean we should let back in to what's supposed to be our home.

    (captcha = calmly)

  10. ec public safety  

    ec public safety has the worst power trips i've ever seen

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