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What to expect when you venture out to the Greenmarket today:

  • Heron Hill Winery has been practicing sustainable viniculture for over thirty years and is making a guest appearance at today’s market.
  • Orange and purple cauliflowers from Samascott Orchards are here.
  • Wager’s Cider Mill has new grape varieties.
  • Hudson Valley Duck has fresh duck sausage.
  • Cayuga Organics has bags of mixed beans and grains – perfect for soups!
  • Corn and tomatoes are still available, so get them while you can.

Don’t forget that EBT, credit cards, and debit cards are all accepted at the market! Happy eating!

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  1. Dishing out the bias!  

    If you go to the Piano Lounge in Lerner you can get a heavy dose of bias from the Asian American Alliance. The three board members conducting interviews there this morning seem to have decided that, though diversity is good, it's best if it doesn't include black people or GS students.

    What's extraordinary is that, maybe if they'd had a black or non-traditional perspective, they could've benefitted from the wisdom to temper one's speech in public. No less than ten of us just heard things like:

    "Justin doesn't want a black woman. He can't handle a strong black woman."

    "I feel like you can't tell a 24 year-old what to do. They'll just take everything over."

    And the ol' classics that start with, "Here's the problem with black people..." etc.

    Well done, people.

    • GSer  

      If these accusations are true, this group needs to be OUTED! There is not space on this campus for that kind of nonsense, and self-entitled people like this need to be exposed for the lame fools that they are.

      What can we do to make this happen? And just what is this Asian American Alliance, anyway? And.... who funds them, folks???? Somehow I think the constituencies that they may be discriminating against also pay their bills!

  2. I beg of you, Bwog  

    Please investigate this! There were a dozen people in the room!

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Hey! Can you email [email protected] with some more information about what you saw? Sanks!

  3. Anonymous  

    i like sausage

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