Things We Found in Butler

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A semester goes, and a semester comes, but the odd behavior of Butlerites during exams remains forever.

Just trying to make everyone jealous of your nook, are you?

Camping out has begun! Notice the toothbrush and toothpaste.

Driven to madness, someone took a bite out of this Butler 6 toilet seat!

Name the tag quote!

Photos by David Hu, Eliza Shapiro and Alexandra Angelo

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  1. Slayer  

    Notice the toothbrush and toothpaste. That person is not camping out. He/She knows exactly what to expect in Butler. A clean mouth, a chance meeting, and the rest goes into the books.

  2. however  

    the toothbrush is in contact with the desk...who knows what has been on that surface

  3. Harmony Hunter

    the broken toilet seat is actually from a dump i took 3 weeks ago

  4. TAG!  

    KING LEAR! i mean, what?...

  5. ...

    i always get creeped out by the butler shitters. i mean, the weather stripping is a really nice touch, when i see it covering the cracks on the cubicle, it really reinforces that i am indeed sitting on an ivy league throne. but well, as we all know, columbia is a reactive institution... so what exactly were the events that lead to columbia spending thousands of dollars to install custom weather stripping over all the cracks in the bathroom cubicles in the library? it's a creepy thought.

    throw in the weird sounds you get from the old pipes, the shitacular sprays of well, shit all over and the generally tense atmosphere that is butler and suddenly you have something that makes the bathroom at mars bar seem inviting.

    i can see it now, in ten years:

    "what was columbia like?"
    "well... it was really obscenely expensive and the bathrooms in the library were really creepy."

  6. Doo doo doo doo  

    poopin in butler. poo poo poo poo the smell could be subtler

  7. ehh

    This has to be the worst conversation there ever was on bwog. Is everybody on drugs? Sleep deprived?

  8. the real question  

    is that toilet in the men's or women's restroom.

  9. Obvi

    Hey 'Madcap'!
    THINGS WE FOUND IN BUTLER=GLOVES I FOUND.blogspot.com!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miss you,
    'Local Eccentric'

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