Border Wall on Low Plaza

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Lucha, a Columbia service group, has constructed a “Border Wall” to commemorate Immigration Week. Located on Low Plaza, the wall represents the US-Mexico border.  Passersby are invited to share their thoughts by writing on the wall.

Photos by Conor Skelding

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  1. Bwog  

    Does being a Latino in the US imply supporting illegal immigration and allowing Mexicans to break laws?

    I don't see the connection.

  2. picture links?

    is it me or are the links from the pictures not enlarging after being clicked?

  3. Anonymous  

    Lucha is not a latino group

  4. Makes sense  

    The administration on the north side of the border constantly sends puppet troops to the other side to crack down on drugs.

  5. how is.this.servicek?  

    Seems political to me

  6. Anonymous  

    I love how Lucha advocates rights for immigrants, but blatantly denied the Minutemen the right to free speech a couple years ago. I hate the Minutemen as much as the next guy, but it's pretty hypocritical to advocate rights for one group and deny them to another.

  7. Anonymous  

    can we scale the wall?

  8. Also..  

    Im'll let you finish Lucha, but the "Israeli Apartheid" group had the best fake wall on Low Plaza of all time. OF ALL TIME

  9. :|  

    side-eyeing this so fucking much.


  10. Lucha did a great job

    demonstrating the major flaw with the current wall. Both need to be longer to be effective.

  11. Anonymous  

    is it wrong to keep thinking that they needed the help of the people they were protecting to set this all up? I mean, really, who's gonna do the tedious, low-paying job of putting up ALL those flyers?

  12. Anonymous  

    wow. its pretty sad that in the year 2010 people are still this racist and ignorant. and at an ivy league too. it's actually disturbing. great job Lucha! most Columbia students only look out for themselves.

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