Bwoglines: Big Deals and Buffoonery Edition

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Christopher Columbus doesn't fist pump.

Way back in 1492, Columbus landed in the New World. Fun fact: Columbus never actually set foot in North America. He only got as close as the Bahamas (History.com).  And remember the Downie Diatribe?

Politicians hurl Italian-American slurs and “bring the buffoonery of Jersey Shore” to the Governors race. Perhaps the fist pump is the new fist bump (NYTimes).

Barnard revised its core! To strengthen and beautify Barnard’s moral fibers, the “Reason and Value” requirement was changed to “Ethics and Value.” The Committee on Instruction also decided the “Social Analysis” way of knowing will now “ask deeper questions” (Spec).

Solomon Burke, best known for his show-stopping soul number, “Don’t Give Up on Me,” died yesterday (NYTimes).

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  1. Anonymous

    Sourcing the History channel? C'mon they also believe in UFO's. Long live Columbus day!!

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