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It was a dark and stormy night when Engineering Student Council held its internal elections. President Elizondo opened the meeting by explaining that he hoped the council would complete the meeting and night’s three internal elections “far, far before [their] 1AM deadline.” These results will be updated throughout the night.

Sustainability Liaison:

William Cybriwsky – Elected

  • Earth and Environmental Engineer
  • Has worked with multiple environmental groups on campus
  • Proposed expanding Eco-container program to more campus food locations, or enabling students to use their own food containers to carry out food.
  • Explained that environmental issues on campus can often be reduced to a choice between environmental concerns and convenience, and said that he would work to make it easier for students to be green by implementing new programs.

Student Services:

Lisa Mack (ran after Sustainability Liaison election) – Elected

  • Feels that she would be able to work with the residential life committees because of her position as a CA.
  • Said people often complain about housing and dining, and said that ResLife could collaborate with ESC to help  address student concerns.
  • Explained that the people who work in housing and dining are “personable,” and their willingness to work with you is often determined by if they recognize your face. As a result, she would have an advantage in dealing with student concerns.
  • Said holding the Student Services Representative position would not be a conflict of interest, as she already sees herself as a representative of the students.

The council opted to push back Alumni Affairs elections, as there were not enough candidates.


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    I was about to leave a comment on this post: "I'll file this under 'who gives a shit'"

    But then I remembered I'm alone in my dorm room.

    I guess, on a certain level, I'm glad some people are aspiring to something.

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    Lisa Mack is awesome!

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