It’s Founder’s Day!

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Rejoice, all! Today is Founder’s Day at Barnard. That means all sorts of exciting things. Exhibit A: there are t-shirts for sale that read “a lot has happened in 121 years…what will happen next?” Exhibit B: The BBQ has been moved indoors, so Hewitt is loud and smokey and more fun than usual. Photos by Bwog’s Outdoor-Moved-Indoor-Event Correspondent, Katheryn Thayer.

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  1. jew

    Samshon is the hotness.

  2. Anonymous  

    PresBla is hotter

  3. Anonymous  

    i heart jblank. and McAC. and BC.

  4. Trapist

    Columbia's ignored and unremarked upon equivalent is October 31, or "Charter Day."

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