Same New Jersey, Just 25% Cheaper

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The Office of Student and Administrative Services notified Bwog in the wee hours last night that a new partnership with NJ Transit will allow full-time undergraduate and grad students the opportunity to buy monthly passes for all of NJ Transit’s services at a 25% discount. This service will be available through NJ Transit’s QuickTik auto-payment program, which will bill students’ credit cards monthly for their discounted passes. Students will have the option of suspending the service during winter and summer breaks.

All of this raises the question, why would anyone want to go to New Jersey? (Besides that baller little area they have in Penn Station, of course.)

For additional information regarding the NJ TRANSIT Monthly Pass Discount Program or to enroll, you can go here.

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  1. Um, seriously  

    Forgetting about commuting students?

    Also, because you can smoke inside there.

  2. Anonymous

    Can't smoke inside in Jersey anymore either.

  3. ...  

    in other news... the 125th abcd stop now has has wait time signs for those who want to get downtown quickly... sorta.

  4. Anonymous  

    if you like Panda Express, New Jersey is your only option.

  5. Bergen County!!!

    There are many reasons to want to come to Jersey:
    1. We're awesome and probably cooler than you.
    2. We have trees!
    3. We have Italians (SOPRANOS)
    4. We've got housewives.
    5. We've got cool Weird NJ things to do.
    6. We have the Jersey Shore (Sleazeside heights and Belmar).
    7. Jersey Devils!
    8. Fat Bitches in New Brunswick (you're cool if you know this)
    9. Fist Pumps.
    10. Just all around awesomeness and soon to have legal medical marijuana.

  6. Anonymous

    They've always had that, they just changed it to add Quick Tik.

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