SGA: Waterless Water Fountains! Bureaucracy!

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The SGA met Monday night. Bwog’s Raph Debenedetti got the scoop on water fountains.
  • Be warned! Some water fountains in the Diana do not provide water. Do your duty and report any deficient water fountains!
  • Delta Gamma will be hosting a fashion show for charity this Saturday, 8 p.m., in LeFrak. Tickets are $5.
  • Dean Denburg paid a visit to the meeting to talk about a new grant Barnard has received so that more Barnard students can study abroad in Israel and connect with alumni there.
  • At last! The Pre-Vet Society has been officially recognized.
  • The Student Affairs Committee approved a motion to develop the new Graduate Student Center.

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  1. Broken Water Fountains?  

    I'm not gonna make a dry Vag joke.

  2. Anonymous  

    it seems like you just did

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