1. Anonymous  

    OOhhhh thanks mine thanks for finding it

  2. Birdwatcher

    I just saw Hawkma debra some poor girl and carry her off to a branch. D:

  3. Anonymous

    Where is it? I want it back!

    No, wait... seriously. It's mine. :(

  4. Um  

    Bwog is only upset because they can't get some.

  5. Anonymous

    I walked past it on Broadway & 120th.
    You're Welcome!

  6. v117  

    Bra on the college walk of shame, just like Stephen's cover.

  7. sasu ripatti  

    baby, it's okay, we'll make it better

  8. Anonymous  

    Who wears white bras anymore?

  9. Trapist

    At some point you have to figure someone is procuring lingerie on the cheap and leaving it around campus just for Bwog to notice. Copy cat, or provactive hints from someone who has a crush on Bwog?

  10. where'd u find it?  

    I was doing laundry this afternoon and might have dropped it...=(

  11. question

    why are we supposed to put the text facing in? wouldn't it be a more powerful statement if everyone walking by could see the word LGBTQ on the window?

  12. I say  

    Do PCR on the titty residues to find out who it belongs to.

  13. hmm

    looks like a 34B to me...

  14. i like  

    boobies ...heh heh

  15. dude  

    you guys need to decide whether you're spelling it "flier" or "flyer"

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