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What is this even for? But seriously, recycling is important. Do it.

In sports, Columbia Rugby is ranked thirteenth in the nation! (American Rugby News)

Columbia gets commended for recycling lots of furniture, keeping it out of landfills! (Technorati)

Bloomberg aims to prevent people from spending food stamps on sugary drinks. (The Week)

A Long Island Rail Road former engineer is accused of letting a passenger drive the train. (Fox NY)

Levain Bakery is coming to Harlem (Spec)

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  1. idea

    we should have a pirate brigade positioned by garbage cans around campus. Whenever someone goes to throw out a recyclable item, the pirate (in costume, with parrot) should ask, "ARRRRRRRRN'T YE GOING TO RECYCLE THAT?"

    The offender will laugh all the way to the recycling bin.
    Badda bing badda boom

  2. Read the story  

    The LIRR engineer is no longer "accused." He plead guilty. He admitted letting his kid drive. That's why he's going to be doing community service. That's the point of the story.

  3. Um  

    Ranked 13th place???? That's nothing to be proud of.

  4. Anonymouse  

    HOLLA CURFC. Love you guys =]

  5. Yo bwog  

    you definitely posted the havana central article yesterday

  6. Anonymous

    holey moley levain! yahoo!

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