1. Hooah  

    Bwog, Hallelujah man is back and it is making me so happy!

  2. Why  

    does Columbia have a model UN? I practice doing nothing every day!

  3. NOT Maggie  

    Ummm could you NOT post someone's cell phone number??! (It was intended for Columbia security personnel and delegates, not the Internet)

  4. yep

    i was definitely a little confused when i saw that on the door to my spanish class on monday morning.

  5. Um.  

    You guys probably should take her number off this site, huh?

  6. agreed

    it wont hurt the funny, but it will show that bwog respects privacy

  7. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    Whoops! We are so sorry this stayed up overnight, it should be fixed now. A big mistake/oversight on our part, and we are sorry!

  8. NOT Maggie  

    Thank you, Bwog!!

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