RoomHop: Tchotchkes Galore, but No Birdcages!

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Bwog likes to come in your room, look around, and talk to you (in a not creepy way!). If you would like your room to be hopped, email us at [email protected] Michelle Ong reports:

Walking into Arinn Amer’s EC single fills me with despair: her room isn’t just an expression of her individuality—it’s practically a metonymic extension of her character. And all without a single recourse to expensive picture frames, Christmas lights, or a thirty dollar birdcage (what the fuck was I thinking?!). In fact, I would venture a guess that nothing in her room costs more than $25. How did she do it?

Vintage collectibles don’t have to cost a fortune. “I look for slightly outmoded knick-knacks that aren’t considered ‘precious’ yet,” she advises. It helps to be a Visual Arts major; half of Arinn’s decorations are her previous art projects. Her freshman year, she lugged a huge, mysterious box into our Carman dorm room (full disclosure: this Bwog writer is her former roommate). It contained hundreds of back-ordered National Geographic magazines (“I got them for $7!” she gleefully exclaimed), which she used for the next three years as material for her collages.

It also helps when collecting heirlooms if your family shares an off-beat aesthetic. “Everyone knows I like to collect old junk so they’ll call me up and ask, ‘Do you want this?’” she says. Recently acquired trash-turned-treasures include her mom’s typewriter, her grandma’s button collection and travelling trunk, her aunt’s plastic toy horse.

Despite her anachronistic tastes, Arinn is also fascinated by technology and the future, in a kind of Bowie/Blade Runner way. She indulges her apocalyptic fantasies by taking apart machines: deconstructed speakers double as magnets on her radiator, and part of a clock is stuffed into the eye sockets of a Styrofoam mannequin she found on the street.

Halfway through our interview, I’m alarmed by loud beeps coming from a corner. “That’s Robo, my pet robot,” she calmly explains, “He’s a transvestite and my personal assistant. He also has a drinking problem…he’s a big partier.” Further research on Facebook confirms that Robo is indeed all about the nightlife. Arinn stands up to placate her companion, adding, “If you’re not partying with Robo at Columbia then I don’t know what your scene is. You’re clearly not getting enough exposure.”

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  1. please please please  

    i hope she's single because I think I've found my soulmate

  2. usually snarky  

    I want to hate her but I can't

  3. Is this in EC?  

    There's no mention of which residence hall the room is in.

    Wish I had a Robo. I might just go buy a Bender poster now.

  4. ex-roomate  

    yes, it's EC.

    hell yes, she's single and ready to mingle.

  5. glasses  

    totally cute but those glasses are way too big, she's trying to hide such a pretty face behind them.

  6. Hipsters

    are counterrevolutionary.

  7. Yay!  

    For Arinn and Michelle!

  8. ...  

    ahh, the smith-corona galaxie xl complete with added homespun circuitry for posting to tumblr, the weapon of choice for Othering the douchebag...

  9. Anonymous  

    I guess I'll be the first to say it......... hipster.

  10. Anonymous  

    i want to spend my life with a girl like her

  11. points for style  

    metonymic, great word, appropriate usage I'll give it an 8.5/10

  12. Aw guys,  

    Don't hate, she's cool.

  13. Anonymous  

    Arinn is absolutely amazing. If you're hating, I can't imagine you've spent any length of time with her at all. She is hilarious, talented, and adorable.

  14. Anonymous

    gold star for robot boy.

  15. She

    strikes me as a character from a 1950's science fiction film. Not that that's all bad. She's clearly quite unique.

  16. Anonymous  

    jesus. this girl is stunning.

  17. yeah so  

    i never get the point of putting so much effort into decorating the shit out of your room when you know in nine months you're gonn have to take everything down and move again.

    (not hating, tho, this room is pretty awesome)

    -kanye shrug-

  18. admirer  

    this girl has so much pizazz i cannot even handle it.
    love love love her.
    (not to mention that she is an incredibly talented artist.)

  19. word savy  

    wow bwog has really up-ed it's game. the writing of this piece is spectacular.

  20. word savy  

    bwog has really up-ed its game - the writing of this piece is spectacular.

    get it

  21. robo  

    robo gives me a boner

  22. Andres

    Michelle, wonderfully written. Arinn, amazing as always.

  23. Jeffer

    Must be hard to grow up in a family with off beat aesthetics!

  24. Anonymous  

    Where is Arinn's Bad Girls Club Miami poster?!?!!?

  25. Anonymous  


  26. confused  

    why is everyone hating on the comments that say nice things about this nice girl?

  27. 2O13

    1) This is Columbia*, we're bitter and mean, especially when we're anonymous. ESPECIALLY when someone else gets attention and we don't.
    2) She's a hipster. We hate hipsters. Except we kind of want to be one.

    *This actually goes for anywhere really. HATERS EXIST, Y'ALL. It ain't nuthin' new.

  28. Anonymous  

    "haterz are part of the ecosystem." K. Bensimon

  29. sid vyshyus

    that robo iz a slymeball and gayve me roboa-tds. stai away. jeffer iz kewl tho.

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