Saturday Morning Cartoons: Midterms Are Upon Us

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Saturday morning midterm ritual: wake up, brush teeth, stretch, walk down the hall back to 209 to continue studying, procrastinate by checking Saturday Morning Cartoons, feel meta.

Cartoons by Abigail Santner

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  1. Anonymous

    chilean miners wer in there for 33 days what are you smoking

  2. chair-cum-nap place?  

    So that's what people are doing in those carrels. They do look focused.

  3. Anonymous  

    They were trapped in the mine for 69 days. (It was 33 of them)

  4. Anonymous  

    they had TV, beer, and cigarettes, and got laid the night they got out

  5. WAAAAA, You're both smokin

    They were there at a rate of 33 miners/69 days = .48miners/day..............?!??!?!

    But seriously?? chair-CUM-nap place? what the hell is wrong with you?

  6. Anonymous  

    I find the cartoon about the miners to be offensive. We shouldn't be making fun of that tragedy.

  7. Anonymous

    people in this comments thread are high or something

  8. umm  

    i hvae a 4.0 and i am definately not studying anywhere near this much...i will also be making around 130k next year in banking.

  9. Anonymous  

    i wonder where the miners pooped and peed i mean it must've been pretty stuffy down there already

  10. ummmm  

    Lunch and Recess do not count.

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