Potterpalooza ’10

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CCSC ’13 brought world-famous band Harry and the Potters to campus yesterday evening. Events also included a costume competition. A wonderful time was had by all.

Final photo courtesy of Peter Sterne. All others by DH

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  1. I don't get it  

    how do these clowns not get sued for copyright infringement?

    • wikipedia  

      "During the Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock! tour, Paul and Joe DeGeorge received a letter from Warner Brothers that stated that the brothers were breaking copyright laws.[17] Although Paul sent a letter to Warner Brothers in an attempt to smooth things over, Marc Brandon, the company representative, asked to speak to Paul personally.[17] The two later settled upon a Gentlemen's agreement that, in essence, would allow Harry and the Potters to continue to sell music online and tour, but all other merchandise could only be sold at live shows.[17]"

  2. Anonymous  

    If they ever were sued, they'd probably be protected under fair use by claiming that they preform parody (same way Weird Al gets by)

    • actually  

      Although Weird Al might be able to get away with claiming it was parody, he always asks for permission from the artists that he parodies.

      Sadly, the legal definition of parody as fair use is extremely narrow. It's not enough to simply make fun of the books or make humorous references to events from the books; you have to be making a serious point about the books themselves. As another poster stated, though, they've come to a "gentleman's agreement" with Warner Bros so they're in the clear. But they're not allowed to sell merch online, which kind of sucks.

  3. tonygong  

    ben and the weiners
    rob and the posts

  4. HAGRID  

    He's fun to hug.
    Hagrid, he's full of love.
    Just don't get caught in Hagrid's beard.

  5. lucius  

    where were my death eaters at

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