EcoReps, Assemble!

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In honor of today’s sustainability gathering on College Walk, Bwog is inaugurating its newest feature, Eco Conch. With the sounding of the Conch, we summon Columbia’s greeners to respond to grievous Ecotragedies. If you witness anything environmentally unfriendly tell us: [email protected]

Today, the Earth Institute’s Environmental and Sustainable Development Program wanted to get the word out about their upcoming Open House. So, they arranged for every undergraduate student to get a paper flyer. Brilliant.

Photos by Julia Barrington

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  1. Anonymous  

    the green police are at it again!

  2. Anonymous  

    I noticed and thought the same thing. Ditto for Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory open day..they had posters, fliers and postcards...postcards?? seriously! and full colour thick glossy paper at that... hypocrites!

  3. Anonymous

    Wasn't global warming debunked??

  4. This is hot  

    Pretty sure every EcoConch is gonna be about the Earth Institute.

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