Scaffolding Outside Schapiro

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Aw shucks, there’s new scaffolding between Broadway and Riverside. But Bwog’s feeling good today. Sure, scaffolding is unattractive, but if it were painted orange and had cascading sheets, we could have a world famous art installation right here in Morningside. So as you descend 115th St., just imagine you’re walking under glorious silver arches.

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  1. they  

    make me feel uneasy as i walk under them cuz i feel like they're gonna fall down on me :(

  2. Anonymous  

    gonna be useful for smoking in inclement weather.

  3. no

    painting something orange does not make it art. art involves the purpose of the artist, and you painting it orange would only imply a purpose to imitate or recreate, not to originate art.

  4. Hahaha  

    At first I thought they were making a clever joke about the Diana

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