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An event being held to mark the recent release of “The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery” by history professor and avid collector of newspaper clippings Eric Foner is happening right now. Attendees are packed into Davis Auditorium to hear some of America’s most prominent historians (Ira Berlin, David Brion Davis, and Robin Blackburn, along with Foner) and many have had to resort to sitting on the floor. In exciting A/V equipment news, the speaker pictured below swayed slightly before careening down between the two individuals seated in front of it. Bwog spotted the impending disaster and shouted, “OMG!” Luckily, nobody is injured, and a relieved crowd continues to bask in the glow of history.

The Irrepressible Speaker

The Crowd Listens with Rapt Attention

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  1. Anonymous  

    fucking historians. all they do is sit and talk.

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