SGA: Greek Life Recognition Up to EBear

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Raph Debenedetti reports!
  • Project Sunshine, a community service program that helps out children in St. Luke’s with activities and visits, has been recognized at Stage 1 by the SGA. Catch up on your Stage 1/Stage 2 lingo here.
  • SGA discussed the three different options to find the best way to get the student body’s vote on whether or not Greek Life should be recognized by Barnard. The verdict: students will log in on EBear to vote for or against Greek Life recognition. But before anyone can vote, a Blast Committee (eegad!) will serve to educate the student body on the issue for a more informed and less apathetic vote before a decision is made on November 29th.
  • The Food Advisory Board is holding an open meeting for Barnard women to discuss the required meal plan this Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in 302 Diana. Your concerns will go directly to SGA and the Administration!

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  1. Seriously?

    A meeting on a Sunday at 11:30am? Yeah, people will go to that.

  2. Blast Committee  

    BOOOOOOOOOOM what's up y'all

  3. Anonymous  

    is this seriously the reporting by bwog on this meeting? I didn't have a chance to go and see the decision for myself and I was hoping to be able to rely on bwog to fill me in on all the details. This was like the most important meeting of the semester and you have 3 bullet points.

    What were the 3 options? what was the discussion like? this has got to be a joke.

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