Bwoglines: Bang on a Can Edition

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This truck is overturned.

Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor of our own CU Orchestra, debuted yesterday as conductor of the LA Philharmonic, for the concert “Green Umbrella: Bang on a Can.”

A federal judge in California overturned DADT, and has ordered military recruiters to start accepting gay recruits. (NYT)

The J-School is making a news outlet website for NYC. (NY Convergence)

The CSA says that the CSA is now better, so more people use it. (Spec)

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  1. cc'10

    wow, first return to bwog since graduation for a little mid-work-day procrastination and the comments look like they're pretty much dead ... 2014, stop being such overachievers and procrastinate a little for our collective amusement mkay?

  2. bangin'  

    on a trash can. drummin' on a streetlight.

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