1. Anonymous

    class rings are the biggest scams ever.

  2. Free Pizza Now  

    Hey, we have about 8 boxes of pizza at the Bloomberg info session in West Ramp Lounge. They are going to go to waste, so please come down and enjoy the food and job info.

  3. Anonymous  

    If you missed this event and want to check out class rings, Balfour will be back on campus next week, Mon-Thur, Oct 25-28, 12pm-5pm in the Bookstore

    You can also look at the rings online:

  4. Anonymous  

    why are the women's rings all twice as expensive??

  5. Anonymous  

    did someone say glibberal?

  6. My dad has a MIT ring  

    which is badass because it has a Beaver on it. Let's get a bloodthirsty Lion ring and then we'll be talking.

    Also make it available only via Crackerjack Boxes

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