Bwoglines: Cheer Up Edition

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Don’t feel bad if everyone around you is frowning. Secretly, they’re probably pretty happy! (City Room)

The ever-tormented Floridita is unsatisfied with its mystery “attractive relocation space.” (NY Mag)

Celebrate your Columbia experience with this charming souvenir mug. (Zazzle)

Surprise! A mosaic from 1901 was discovered behind the walls at the 1 train station at Columbus Circle. (City Room)

This could silence the whispers of ROTC. (NYT)

There are all kinds of answers to our education woes! Raging libertarian/Facebook billionaire Peter Theil set up a foundation that will pay students $100,000 in cash to drop out of college. (Slate)

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  1. CU ROTC advocate

    "This could silence the whispers of ROTC. (NYT)"

    Not at all. Today is only Oct 21. The DoD report on DADT is scheduled for release on Dec 1, and all indications are that the report will recommend repeal of DADT. If the DoD report is on time, then after a day-plus of media and political commentary, the university senate will meet on Dec 3, its last meeting of the Fall 10 semester. The first Spring 11 university senate meeting will be Jan 23, by which time, the legislature and executive should have acted upon the DoD report. DADT should be history by then, and ROTC should fully be back on the university senate's agenda.

    DADT is going down. Obama's DoJ appeal is not about upholding DADT; it is about rebuking a court that harmfully interfered with legislative and executive prerogatives. Judge Phillips' sweeping injunction is a seemingly attractive statement about gay rights but it is practically harmful to the military community affected, and ultimately, an irresponsible act by an activist judge acting in contravention of a reform process already well-underway.

    President Obama, with Secretary Gates and ADM Mullen, has consistently held that the military should lead the DADT repeal in order to ensure an orderly transition. Once DoD has done its part, Congress and Obama will do their part with the law. Then we can do our part and bring ROTC back to Columbia - for the good of our nation.

    • Absolutely!  

      People need to realize that even if the goal of a judge's action is right, the action taken by the judge itself can be out of line. Judges legislating from the bench undermine the whole democratic political process. Judges deem things LEGAL and rule on the Constitution and laws in existence. They should not deem things RIGHT.

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