Weezy F. Baby, and F is for “Front Door”

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One of Bwog’s own discovered this message on the door of a McBain room notorious for blasting the musical stylings of Lil’ Wayne. Evidently, a return to Tha Carter III would be much appreciated.

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  1. Anonymous  

    lol @ "good" lil wayne

  2. Winy Bitches  

    Passive agressive little shits aren't they?

    Talk to them or put on some God damn headphones.

  3. Lil Wayne...  

    is my baby daddy.

  4. weezy fan

    good wayne = before he discovered auto-tune. back when he was still rapping with Baby. and mostly on mixtapes.

    Some excellent songs include: "This is the Carter", "Upgrade", "Championship Pop Bottles", and "Back On My Grizzy"

    His latest stuff has been, agreeably, musical/verbal garbage.

  5. I wish I could f$ck  

    every girl in the woooorld

  6. ryan  

    Good Wayne= Tha Block is Hot. get out of here with your relapse bullshit

  7. Good Wayne

    =Lil' Wayne helping an elderly lady cross the street like a true gentleman.

  8. ummm  

    White people and rap do not mix

  9. guy ledouche  

    antoine dodson. bachannal. yes.

  10. Anonymous

    i propose we get weezy for this years spring concert columbia prepsters + large amounts of cough syrup= one amazing afternoon!

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