PrezBo and the Deans Make Rare Public Appearance

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Spotted! PrezBo and the Deans huddled together at Homecoming. The band‘s recently released EP, “New Fundraising [Protocol]” received tepid reviews and the band hasn’t been seen together in public since their disastrous “War (What Is It Good For?) tour last summer. Roar, Lion, Roar!

Update: We lost.

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  1. Anonymous  

    this fills me with lots of joy.

  2. Ahh  

    Prezbo and the Deans. They should play at Bacchanal this year.

  3. Anonymous

    Against Penn? Against Princeton? We know we're gonna lose. Dartmouth? They're the only team more pathetic than ours. And yet we lost. Good ol' Columbia football, you haven't changed a bit.

  4. Anonymous  

    that's cool. didn't know they knew columbia had students.

  5. Harmony Hunter  

    perhaps president bollinger is wondering where the location of harmony hall is

  6. Oh shit  

    PrezBo wants Justin Bieber hair.

  7. this is just  

    further proof that PrezBo has NO NECK!

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