Bwoglines: Revelations Edition

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But Not That Kind Of Revelation

  • Proving that our generation has plenty of entrepreneurial spirit, a pair of Georgetown students was found with all the makings of DMT in a freshman dorm. (WaPo)
  • International man of mystery and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has made another huge document release, this time pertaining to US involvement in Iraq. (NYT)
  • The British government is investigating Google following the discovery that Street View cars have been collecting information from private Wi-Fi networks. (BBC)
  • Botox has been approved by the FDA to treat migraine headaches. (CNN)
  • Homecoming was yesterday, and Bwog hopes you had a great time! Unfortunately, the football team lost 24-21 to Dartmouth in a game that was exciting until its final moments. (Spec)

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  1. Anonymous

    God, why is our world so weird??? Georgetown students licking frogs, some crazy dude giving the world US military secrets, Google becoming the most evil corporation in the world, the retarded choices of the FDA is why they are the number one murderer in the world, at least the only thing that's not weird, our football team sucks yet again and has failed us for like the millionth time in a row

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