1. Apparently  

    They won in the 1960s.

  2. Hey losers  

    Where are the free food events? I'm starving.

  3. Indignant hoary alum

    poor kid, very true. my kid said the same as we rolled past the campus in a city bus. do they ever win? Yes, in baseball and women's soccer, but men's hoops and football? apparently we don't have a tinker's cuss of a chance of winning, despite... everything.

  4. An honest question  

    If we never win at sports because we cannot recruit the requisite number of athletes to field a team that can compete with the other universities we play (presumably because Columbia is a primarily intellectual not athletic institution), why do we use admissions spots on athletes that could not get into this school otherwise?

    • Anonymous  

      oh my god shut up

    • Alum

      The other universities we play are also primarily intellectual and not athletic. That's not why our football and basketball teams do poorly. Besides, many of our other teams do quite well against the same opponents.

    • People like you need a reality check

      Guess what? Athletes are all around you in your classes, and many of them dominate you in the class room just as they could physically. Wake up and realize it is a very small minority of athletes that are 'under qualified'.

      Happen to see a list of Columbia's notable alums? Check it out and then respond to this with the number who were student athletes. You may find this enlightening.

      Oh, and in case you or any of you who gave this a 'thumbs up' want to educate your truly brilliant minds check some of these out:




      You must have some sort of mental fortitude if you're here at CU, even if you don't show it. One would think that people like you would know to get your facts straight before you speak. I wish this was not anonymous - you should be embarrassed because you truly sound like an idiot. I'm not even an athlete. It just absolutely blows my mind that all you supposedly intelligent people can be so oblivious, snide, and foolish. Fuck you sir. Fuck you.

      • thoughtful

        I could not agree with you more. Thank you for sticking up for the Columbia student athletes - you are a breath of fresh air. And thank you so much for pointing out those great examples. It is admirable how generally the Columbia student athletes manage to juggle 4, 5, 6 classes with daily practice, weekend trips and tournaments, and on top of that, be great trusted friends to others. These student athletes got in because they have shown they possess something that took 12 or so years of their young lives to build: a balance between a pursuit that sets them apart (while making many sacrifices, like giving up a social life at a young age, or living away from family to train) and the ability to be an exemplary student in class. Kids who do well in pure academics have no guarantees of "making it"after college. It is those who are likeable, flexible, have integrity, can motivate others through leadership by example, have built great networks, and lastly, who are backed with a great education like one from Columbia, that have a better guarantee. This applies to both student athletes and non athletes. But these traits are likely already developed in student athletes due to the adversities they have overcome and learned from by the time they get out. Comments like from "an honest question" are disrespectful and reckless towards any Lion, and uneducated. Sadly it's so easy to use a laptop and type away careless thoughts and comments, in much the same way it's so much easier to root for a winning team.

    • thoughtful

      I'm not an athlete -I'm a Parent of an athlete who pays tuition and doesn't enjoy seeing my child go through some very tough times when classes and practice/tournaments just don't seem like they should go together. But my child loves being a Lion nevertheless, and there's nothing I can really do about it.

  5. Columbia  

    The only place where the marching band, which doesn't march, is more successful than the football team.

    • Anonymous  

      i really dislike the marching band, no offense. they're annoying.

      • FYI  

        I AM STUCK ON THEIR MAILING LIST AND IT IS AWFUL. and any time someone tries to get off the mailing list, all the bandies mercilessly mock said individual...its rough.

        • Anonymous  

          For pretty much any student group mailing list with a @columbia.edu domain:

          Send an email to [email protected] Leave the subject blank. Type "Unsubscribe [name of list]", where the name of the list is whatever comes before @columbia.edu. You should get a confirmation of unsubscribing in seconds. This is the only possible way to unsubscribe.

        • Anonymous

          they mock you, but they eventually give you the unsubscribe instructions.

        • unsubscribe cumb  

          Oh, for fuck's sake (courtesy of Mark Tabry):

          In anticipation of the imminent flood of "get me off the band list"
          requests that usually follow an e-mail like this, I will post the
          instructions to those of you so foolhardy as to think that you are
          above the band. *cough*

          1. Open up your e-mail client. Usually the "picture" on your desktop
          that looks like an envelope. No. Not that trash can thing. That's
          something different. Yes, I know most of your e-mail consists of
          penis pill ads and love letters from your stalker, but I assure you
          that it's the envelope.

          2. Create a new message and address it to [email protected]
          Major Domo is a retired Japanese soldier who is now employed by
          Columbia with the job of removing people from various mailing
          lists. His job is quite boring, especially given his heroic
          background, so treat him nicely.

          3. In the body of your message, write "unsubscribe cumb". No more,
          no less. Major Domo prides efficiency.

          4. Click send. You will receive a message when you've successfully
          been unsubscribed. It usually happens within a few seconds, because
          Major Domo's years in the service have left him with almost
          superhuman reflexes. It's the only thing that keeps him going.

    • NO WAY  

      If you were at the game, you would have seen how pitiful our marching band was in comparison to Dartmouth's. Our football team gave quite a showing, and only lost in the very end of the game, with the marching band there was no competition.

      • I didn't see any marching bands yesterday

        I did see two groups of strange kids running around and some of them were using musical instruments.

        Stop calling them a marching band. It's insulting to the band nerds who actually are in marching bands.

      • ???

        Are you talking about the 20ish people from Dartmouth, who couldn't all play in the same time signature, versus the 50 or so people in CUMB?

  6. An answer  

    None of the Ivys can give full athletic scholarships and so the general trend is that we all suck. Also its not fair to make statements about the intelligence of person or their capability to get into Columbia/or another Ivy based on their choice to play sports on the side.

    • Anonymous  

      Great point. Athletics are, after all, an extracurricular. Just like music, community involvement, and honor society, sports are another way to round oneself out. I know a bunch of athletes here who are incredibly bright and driven, and who do a lot better than I do in the classroom!

      • Anonymous

        Are other extracurriculars 30+ hours a week of intense work? I imagine things like our newspaper and possibly others I do not know about may be. I have tons of respect for people who can pull that off, whether they'e an athlete or a mathlete.

        • My

          sentiment exactly. I think that some of the people who subscribe to the notion that student athletes are intellectually inferior and therefore undeserving of admission to the same school could probably gain a more accurate perspective by trying to manage a full course-load while going to practice for several hours every afternoon or training in the weight room for several hours every evening and waking up early every Saturday morning for a full afternoon running on some field or court. It might be especially instructive, given that the football team tends to be the most frequent target of scorn, to try doing that while carrying ~30 lbs of athletic gear and slamming with full strength into aggressive opponents. I never played a team sport, but I think that with a just little thought one can imagine that it requires quite a substantial dedication. Those who represent our school on the athletic field are under-appreciated.

    • yeah..

      I happen to know that some sports have wealthy alumni pay parents the tuition, thus full athletic scholarships do in face exist!

  7. CC 13

    tinkers cuss? really? judging by the freshman class, i thought only people from long island and new jersey were being admitted to this great institution. way to class it up with the southern slang.

    • southerner  

      I've lived in the South my entire life and have never heard this phrase.
      A quick search reveals it to be a British idiom.
      I guess making assumptions like that a phrase you've never heard is from the South, is like making the assumption that just because someone is an athlete means they can't be as smart as the standard Columbia student

    • ryan  

      stop disgracing my class

  8. everyone  

    just shut up.

  9. If you discredit almost everyone's

    biggest commitment/achievement/extracurricular activity in high school they wouldn't be qualified to get into Columbia either. Its impossible to convince people that the athletes should be here when the very thing that makes them so qualified is completely belittled. Take a look at your application/resume and cross out something that you care deeply about, devout 40 hours a week to and are one of the best in your school at. First off, I doubt many of you have something you that qualifies for all three but for those that do (student body presidents, yearbook/newspaper editors, state champ violinist, etc) how attractive does your resume look now?

    Read this and tell me this kid shouldn't be here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703843804575534231916689558.html

    • Also, if you don't like student-athletes

      and want us to drop all of our sports, just remember you'll have to stop saying you go to an Ivy League School if that happens. The Ivy League is first and foremost an athletic conference. A huge part of what makes each school so desirable is its association with the rest. With no sports teams we would no longer a member of the League and would no longer be so closely associate with the Ivies. Check out this article for one reporters vision of a athlete free Columbia: http://www.columbiaspectator.com/2007/04/06/world-without-cu-sports

      It ain't pretty.

      • you can't be serious

        The article isn't pretty because its primary purpose was comedic. Columbia would descend into madness and hysteria and loss of prestige if we stopped playing sports? We are more dependent on the fate and fortunes of NYC for prestige than anything else. (See the 1970s and 1980s.) Oh, and the fact that the Ivy League designation wasn't formalized until after WWII, and that the Ivy League happens to consist of northeast WASPy colonial-era institutions (with the exception of Cornell, which was founded after the Civil War) with longstanding mutual ties because of that historical fact.

  10. anon  

    what a frontrunner. probably said it while wearing his spanking new SF Giants cap.

  11. Harmony Hunter  

    where's harmony

  12. The Band Always Wins  

    Here's the video of the Band's halftime show from Saturday: http://bit.ly/9nMhkd
    Here's Dartmouth's show: http://bit.ly/cOnTnY

    And the CUMB was "pitiful" in comparison? I don't see it.

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