ESC: Skydive with Dean Peña-Mora!

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Sean Zimmermann reports on ESC over the roar of airplane engines and the screams of nearby skydivers.

  • Go skydiving with Dean Peña-Mora! Newly elected Alumni Affairs and Professional Development representative Logan Donovan, a skydiving coach, spoke about getting a skydiving club started on campus. She said Peña-Mora had agreed to go skydiving with her. During her campaign speech, she proposed holding a “skydiving-with-the-Dean day.”
  • VP Policy Heidi Ahmed explained that dining was “pretty responsive” to student concerns, and announced that dining is working on a take out window at JJs; students would be able to place orders online, and pick up items (though take out would be limited to orders placed online). Additionally, the top level of Ferris Booth will be open for studying after Ferris closes—as it has been in previous years.
  • Council is working on setting a time for Casino Night. Due to pre-Calendaring difficulty, council members discussed the possibility of holding the event in the Diana. However, a member of the senior council commented that, due to sound difficulties in the Diana, it would be better to consider other locations.
  • SEAS NY, now CEAA-NY (Columbia Engineering Alumni Association) is this week (Wednesday, 7-9pm in Carlton Lounge), and is open to all Engineering students.
  • The council is working with Scott Wright on a “Green Spaces Working Group”—who will your lawn representative be?!
  • Tim Yang was elected as Academic Affairs representative. He ran unopposed. Hey… it’s ESC!

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  1. Anonymous

    I think that skydiving with Dean PM (or as he would say: "skydibing") would definitely be a highlight of anyone's college experience.

  2. coob  

    columbia: new york city's greenest


    ...is this week. What day is it, bwog?

  4. Wasted

    The layout of Ferris Booth is such a waste. The seating area is among the best on campus - gorgeous view, great big glass windows - but it gets locked off when FB closes. Good job, building designers- because students have soooo much space, right?

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