Korilla Is Coming to Columbia Today!

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What is Korilla, you ask?

It is nothing less than a Korean grillmasta serving up a complex combination of classic Korean recipes in contemporary forms. We’re talking burritos, tacos and chompers like you’ve never had before.

And there was this poll to decide where Korilla was headed today. And we won! So head over to 116th and Broadway to get a break from John Jay.

Update, 10:57 a.m.: According to their most recent tweet, they’re under the East Campus bridge as of right now!

Update, 11:20: And we hear there are free donuts in Barnard Hall! What a day!

Image courtesy of korillabbq.com

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  1. Freegan  

    Not winning until it's free

  2. According to their Twitter...

    We're on Amsterdam and 116-117th St under the East Campus bridge! Cya!

  3. Suggestions  

    What do those that've had it recommend?

  4. Anonymous  

    the rice bowl was pretty epic....lots of toppings!!

  5. anonymous

    where is it now?

  6. Anonymous  

    Wasn't there as of ~3:30

  7. Anonymous  

    sooo delish. yum meat.

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