Bwoglines: Almost Fall Break Edition

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Hang in there! We're almost done.

Stressed? Perhaps it’s not the midterms but the lethal noise levels in 98% of Manhattan’s public spaces that’s making us all a little foufou. (NY Post)

As bedbugs ravage the city, some go to extreme (and crazy) measures to deal with infestation. (NY Daily News)

In case you missed it, watch Obama vs. Jon Stewart and get excited for Saturday in D.C. (Gawker)

Uptown, the Manhattanville saga drags on. Senator Bill Perkins now wants the Supreme Court to take a look at the decision the New York State Court of Appeals made this summer. The community up near Baker Field couldn’t make up its mind about Columbia’s Athletic Complex renovation plans. (Spec)

Finals dates were posted on SSOL a little while ago. Now you can plan your flight/train/bus/subway home–hopefully not on the 23rd!

Update: Korilla is back on campus today under the EC bridge!

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  1. one word:  


    "Sentaor"? Come on now.

  2. realtalk  

    don't get excited for saturday in DC that rally is fucking stupid. swag.

  3. Why  

    must so many exams be at 9 o'clock in the FUCKING MORNING?

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