Guide to the Long Weekend: This Is Halloween

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Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

For those of you haven’t decided how to spend your fall break yet, Raphaelle Debenedetti and Gabby Beans offer an array of zany and spooky things to do for Halloween in the city.

Free Events (all info here)
  • The Village Halloween Parade
  • The Brewery
  • The Furniture Factory
  • The Knitting Factory
  • The Horror Show
  • The Omega Plastics
Events for $10+

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  1. Andrew  

    This is awesome, thank you thank you Bwog (and writers)

  2. Holiday Plans

    Ten-page research paper midterm due Wednesday. I hate school.

  3. Hmm  

    The first link suggests that the Brewery/Knitting Factory/Furniture Factory events are $15, not free

  4. Don't tempt me.  

    I've still got three midterms and a seven page paper to do this weekend. What break?

  5. Anonymous  

    Does anyone know what movie they're showing before the procession of ghouls at St John the Divine this year?

    I went three years ago, and I know they played the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, so I assume showing an old horror film is standard

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