Smash Pumpkins, Not Bulbs

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Tipster Danielle Benson sent us a photo of this sign, found in the John Jay elevator. Apparently, certain elevator patrons have been removing light bulbs from the ceiling and smashing them on the ground. Clearly, the John Jay community is now speaking out against this gross violation of elevator etiquette. If smashing light bulbs was meant to relieve midterms stress, perhaps the culprits should’ve smashed things on Low on Wednesday with AMSA instead. In these trying times, constructive stress relief is key.

Play nice, first years.

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  1. LOL  

    She sounds pissed, and hot.

  2. ...  

    I really Hate it when People use Inconsistent or Consistent yet Bizarre capitalization Rules.

  3. Anonymous  

    yeah, people rip out the lights in the EC elevators all the time and no one leaves bitchy notes about it. Get over it.

  4. Anonymous  

    someone has been throwing bottles full of piss into the shaft this year. it is disgusting.

  5. It's  

    Probably the kid who lit the bagels on fire last year.

  6. jj  

    i see these lights broken into shards on the floor every time i get into the elevator.. props to whoever wrote this note

  7. Anonymous  

    i love daria
    let's watch it and fuck

  8. Anonymous

    Prob some douche from JJ8. Only douches live on that floor.

  9. !!!  


    Wait... I think this is just plain AGGRESSIVE.

  10. CC'XIV  

    I'm not gonna lie, it was funny when they broke them the first time, but from what I saw, it happened at least 10-15 times since then. Not cool.

  11. wait...  

    they remove them first THEN smash them. weak.

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