1. anonymous  

    yes! love you bwog :)

  2. Anonymous  

    All this needs is a high Dracula-esque collar and I think Columbia would be set...

  3. Harmony Hunter

    perhaps president bollinger is wondering where the location of harmony hall is

  4. ryan  

    masturbating vigorously

  5. Amazing  

    Also, I may have spent about 15 minutes this afternoon rereading the @LEE_BOLLINGER archives. Really inspired stuff.

  6. Anonymous

    Don't drink the Prez-Bo cool-aide, he's involved with the federal reserve, while it might seem like a cool position, they are making chop-suey out of the American middle class coast-to-coast by manipulating currencies for the benefit of the global elite. While it helps our endowment profit, in bad case scenarios it's comes at the cost of foreclosing on some elderly couples home or putting somebody on food stamps. Don't forget the blood sucking fangs when you carve him out

    • ...  

      as long as mr. bollinger continues to preside over gs in its current form, where a large number of middle class and lower income students continue to indebt themselves at unusually astronomical levels to one of the richest institutions on the planet in exchange for second class certifications, i will deeply question the integrity of his moral compass.

      that said, good on bwog for "uninhibited, robust and white open." that really made me smile.


    are john jay HEWITT OR FBC OPEN TODAY

  8. that  

    would make a cool t-shirt

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